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Govt eyes over Re-introducing Friday as Weekly Holiday

The idea of week after week occasion on Friday which was supplanted by then PM Nawaz Sharif in March 1997 to Sunday later to be expanded to two days seven days ie Saturday and Sunday, is again liable to be returned to Friday. The PM has counseled the religious agents of all schools of thought in Pakistan who consistently suggested Friday as the greatest day for a week after week occasion. The President of Pakistan has additionally emphatically supported this proposal. Taking a gander at it sensibly, half of the merchants, schools and practically all workers and so forth are as of now watching Friday as occasion and nothing can make them change their position on this. The outcome is that there is dependably a perplexity.

Beside the religious viewpoint, for all intents and purposes additionally Friday is the greatest day to have the week after week occasion. Right now on the off chance that one visits a govt office on a Friday at 11 am you will discover the staff missing and the reason given would be that “today is Friday and the staff has gone for Friday supplication planning”.

Essentially, there is under 50 percent yield in the workplaces and business fixates on a Friday. It is along these lines just reasonable and practicable to have Friday as week by week off day and whatever remains of the six days office working hours ought to be from 0800 hrs to 1330 hrs with no break. Zuhr petitions/lunch ought to be taken care of after Office shutting hours. Along these lines the generation will twofold and office laborers would have time with their families consistently as opposed to sitting tight for long ends of the week. We ought not duplicate the west aimlessly as their living/working conditions are altogether different to our own. In Pakistan 90 percent of office work is done up till 1330 hrs. After that it is for the most part lousing and checking time. .. CN report, 13 Feb 2019

Updated: February 13, 2019 — 7:23 am

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