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WWE SmackDown Results – Superstar Shakeup Ends, Reigns Attacks Vince McMahon, Paige, More

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE SmackDown Viewing Party. Today’s show originates from the Bell Center in Montreal.

  • The 2019 WWE Superstar Shake version of SmackDown opens up with a glance back finally night’s RAW, which highlighted the start of the Shakeup. We’re live from the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as Tom Phillips invites us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.
  • We go ideal to the ring and out comes Kevin Owens to a colossal main residence pop. Greg Hamilton presents him and the ring is set up for The Kevin Owens Show.

The group is truly started up for Owens. He talks in French and invites us to The Kevin Owens Show. He likewise says something regarding WrestleMania that gets a major pop. Owens says there are more Shakeup shocks coming our direction and later today around evening time, Vince McMahon himself will be here to uncover the greatest ability obtaining in SmackDown history. Fans boo Vince’s name a few. Owens says the greatest Superstar is as of now here, him, and fans concur with a pop. Fans serenade more for Owens. Owens goes on and says with all due regard, spare it for his visitor who had a major WrestleMania minute that we as a whole took in. He presents WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and out comes The New Day – Kofi and Xavier Woods. Owens discusses Kofi’s WWE Title win and he compliments him.

Kofi says he acknowledges the caring words from Owens. He discusses how we as a whole accomplished something extraordinary at WrestleMania. Kofi says this is a direct result of the fans and he likewise says something in French. Owens makes reference to how Big E isn’t here today around evening time. Woods says Big E endured damage in a week ago’s match, which WWE affirmed not long ago. Woods goes on about how RAW took the greater part of his UpUpDownDown list the previous evening and how he needs Tyler Breeze on the blue brand. Kofi quiets him down and says UUDD will be fine, Big E will be fine. Owens makes reference to how Kofi and Woods versus Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura is reserved for this evening. Owens offers to be their back-up today around evening time since Big E isn’t here. They continue kidding about Owens being a privileged individual from The New Day. He even moves his hips like Big E. Kofi inquires as to whether they need to consider Owens to be a privileged part, and they do. Huge O is in the gathering for today around evening time. Kofi gives Owens a tight tank top to make it official. Owens additionally puts the unicorn horn on his head and they all celebrate together as the music hits.

  • We see Cesaro, Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura behind the stage viewing. It would seem that there will be a six-man showdown later.
  • The music hits in the field as WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor advances out to a major pop. Balor and the title are presently on the blue brand. We go to business.

Finn Balor versus Ali Once again from the break and out comes Ali as WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor sits tight in the ring for this non-title coordinate.

Forward and backward to begin the match. Ali drops Balor with a dropkick. They go to the tangle and exchange holds. Fans do dueling drones. Balor winds up dropping Ali with an elbow to the mouth for a 2 tally. Balor with more offense and an elbow to the chest for another stick endeavor. Ali winds up bringing Balor down on the floor after increasingly forward and backward. We go to business with Ali bringing Balor down outwardly.

Once again from the break and Balor conveys a major slash in the corner. Balor with more offense in the corners. Ali avoids a hack and kicks Balor in the face. Ali sends Balor face-first into the tangle now. Ali with offense in the corners now. Balor counters and drops Ali with a shot over the throat for a 2 tally. Balor with a Slingblade. Balor keeps running into a superkick from Ali and goes down. Ali with a 2 tally. Ali goes for another superkick and the two of them go down. Ali lifts Balor up yet Balor rams him again into the corner for pushes. Ali with a knee to the face. Balor goes on and hits a twofold step to the chest after more counters, and in the wake of hindering the tornado DDT.

Balor goes to the top however Ali keeps running up and shakes him. Ali scales for the enormous hurricanrana and he nails it. Ali creeps over for a nearby 2 tally. Ali returns to the top for the 450 yet he needs to arrive on his feet as Balor moves. Balor with a major dropkick into the corner. Balor goes to the top and hits Coup de Grace for the stick to win.

Victor: Finn Balor

  • After the match, Balor stands tall with the title as we go to replays. Balor offers his hand while Ali is down in the corner. Ali gets up individually however they shake turns in a show of regard. Balor keeps celebrating as his music plays.
  • We see Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston behind the stage searching for Kevin Owens. Kofi is conveying a platter of flapjacks and they approach if Owens is prepared for his introduction into the gathering. He needs to eat the hotcakes and beat Big E’s season of 5:30. Owens dithers however he delves in as they applaud him.

Charlotte Flair versus Carmella

We go to the ring and out comes Carmella with R-Truth, rapping their way to the ring. Back to business.

Once more from the break and we get another take a gander at the peculiar vulture in a crate vignette, accepted to be a mystery for Bray Wyatt’s arrival. Carmella wraps her passageway as we see Kevin Owens in the back completing the plate of hotcakes. He’s presently formally a privileged individual from The New Day. We return to the ring and out comes Charlotte Flair for her first appearance since the WrestleMania 35 headliner.

The chime rings and they examine one another, and talk a smidgen of rubbish. Style hits first with a kick and brings Carmella down. Style stands tall over Carmella for a pop however she reports that she detests Canada, abhors it. Carmella turns it around subsequent to maintaining a strategic distance from a major boot. She gets down to business on Flair for a brisk stick endeavor. Carmella flaunts some for a fly as Flair moves to the floor to regroup. Carmella pursues and they go at it. Style rams Carmella once more into the obstruction and she goes down. Carmella nails Flair and goes over the hindrance, hitting a crossbody from it. Carmella brings it again into the ring for a 2 tally.

Pizazz gets up first and conveys hacks to Carmella. Carmella slides out of a hold and pushes Flair face-first into the center turnbuckle. Carmella steps away on Flair in the corner as Truth gives a shout out to her. Carmella does the Moonwalk and hits a Bronco Buster in the corner. Carmella charges again however Flair winds up turning it around and sending her out of the ring to the floor. We go to business with Carmella face down on the floor.

Once more from the break and Flair swaggers around the ring as she has Carmella down on the tangle. Pizazz menaces Carmella around and derides her some at this point. Energy scoops Carmella however it’s countered as Carmella conveys Flair to the tangle. Pizazz with offense yet she keeps running into a boot in the corner. Carmella gets sent to the cover yet Flair winds up hitting a Dragonscrew leg whip over the rope and Carmella arrives out on the floor. Energy pursues and dispatches Carmella into the boundary. Carmella grasps her left knee now. Increasingly forward and backward as Carmella brings it again into the ring.

Pizazz takes out Carmella’s knee with a slash obstruct as she endeavors to return. Energy applies the Figure Four and scaffolds into the Figure Eight. Carmella shouts and taps out for the completion.

Champ: Charlotte Flair

  • After the match, Flair makes her exit as her music hits. Official Charles Robinson holds the rope for her as she leaves the ring. We go to replays. R-Truth is minding Carmella when the music of Lars Sullivan hits and out he comes. Lars hits the ring and Truth endeavors to ward him off however Lars levels him and just snickers at Truth’s endeavor. Truth gazes upward from the tangle and takes his coat off. Truth charges however Lars gets him in mid-air and spikes him to the tangle with The Freak Accident. Fans boo as Lars remains over Truth. Carmella looks unnerved as Lars stalks her into the corner, gazing her down. Fans serenade “butt head!” at Lars as he giggles. Lars swings back to Truth and hits him with the running sitdown powerbomb. Lars shouts out some more as fans boo him. Lars watches out at the group and after that snickers at Truth again as authorities hit the ring to beware of him.
  • Still to come, Vince McMahon will be here with a major declaration. Likewise, Becky Lynch has a Superstar Shakeup declaration. We get more replays of Lars assaulting Truth as we return to business.
  • Back from the break and Tom plugs “The Shield’s Final Chapter” WWE Network extraordinary to air live this Sunday at 9:30pm ET.
  • We go to the ring and out comes RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch to a major pop. Tom indicates us features from the WrestleMania 35 headliner with Becky, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey.

Lynch needs to state it again on the grounds that it sounds pleasant – she did what she said she would do, she beat the supposed baddest lady on earth at WrestleMania 35 to turn into the hero. A “Becky Two Belts” serenade begins up now. Becky goes on and specifies going through Lacey Evans. Becky couldn’t care less who they acquire or who they put before her since she will beat them all. Becky says these two titles are her travel papers provoke anybody on the two brands, since she can. The music hinders and out comes Ember Moon. She has joined the SmackDown program.

Moon says we better become acclimated to seeing her in light of the fact that the She-nom is presently on SmackDown. Becky encourages her not to interfere with The Man once more. Moon says she’s not here for guidance, she’s here to become well known. Moon enters the ring and says what preferable approach to do that over to venture to the lady who won the WrestleMania 35 headliner. The music hits to hinder and out comes Bayley. She is on SmackDown now moreover. Bayley says this is energizing and what the Shakeup is about. Becky inquires as to whether she needs an embrace or something. Bayley says she got every one of her embraces out on RAW. She enters the ring and says a ton has changed since she and Becky last observed one another. She discusses how she and Sasha Banks turned into the first WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. A few fans are booing. Bayley says now she’s

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